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Boro Prints by Moda

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Boroboro...meaning something that is tattered, ragged or repaired. Born out of necessity, these mended and patched together textiles are now highly collectible works of art representing an important part of Japanese history. Using scraps of leftover, indigo-dyed cottons, Boros celebrate the beauty of the ordinary with layers of fabrics stitched together by hand for utilitarian purposes.
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Boro Sodenaski Indigo by Moda Fabrics 33402-13

$9.98 $11.99

Boro Sodenaski Woad by Moda Fabrics 33402-14

$9.98 $11.99

Boro Sodenaski Flax by Moda Fabrics 33402-18


Boro Kotatsu Flax by Moda Fabrics 33404-19


Boro Furoshiki Woad by Moda Fabrics 33406-13


Boro Furoshiki Cocoa by Moda Fabrics 33406-17


Boro Kaze Flax by Moda Fabrics 33409-24

$9.98 $11.99