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Chic Escape by Tilda

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Chic Escape Collection by Tilda is inspired by brave people saving and bringing life and laughter back to old forgotten buildings, and all our shared interests in vintage fabric, pottery and flowers. Chic Escape differs from the other Tilda collections with larger patterns and bolder, deeper colors. 
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Tilda Chic Escape Daisyfield Buttons 23mm 6pcs TIL400047


Chic Escape Fat Quarter Bundle by Tilda TIL300133


Chic Escape Daisyfield Fat Quarter Bundle by Tilda TIL300132


Chic Escape Fat Eight Bundle by Tilda TIL300134


Chic Escape Fabric Roll by Tilda TIL300137


Chic Escape Charm Pack by Tilda TIL300135

$21.00 $21.49

Chic Escape Fabric Stack by Tilda TIL300136

$65.99 $67.20

Sophie Basic Fat Eight Bundle by Tilda TIL300071

$22.99 $25.56

Chic Escape Peacock Tree Green by Tilda TIL100441

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Whimsy flower Green by Tilda TIL100442

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Flowervase Petrol by Tilda TIL100443

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Vase Collection Blue by Tilda TIL100446


Chic Escape Wildgarden Sand by Tilda TIL100447


Chic Escape Peacock Tree Navy Blue by Tilda TIL100448

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Whimsyflower Blue by Tilda TIL100449


Chic Escape Flowervase Navy Blue by Tilda TIL100450


Chic Escape Whimsyflower Grey by Tilda TIL100451

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Flowervase Grey by Tilda TIL100452

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Vase Collection Mustard by Tilda TIL100453

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Wildgarden Mustard by Tilda TIL100454


Chic Escape Peacock Tree Grey by Tilda TIL100455

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Wildgarden Pink by Tilda TIL100456

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Peacock Tree Grape by Tilda TIL100457

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Whimsyflower Rust by Tilda TIL100458

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Flowervase Maroon by Tilda TIL100459

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Daisyfield Blenders Mustard by Tilda TIL110048

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Daisyfield Blenders Green by Tilda TIL110049

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Daisyfield Blenders Teal by Tilda TIL110050


Chic Escape Daisyfield Blenders Blue by Tilda TIL110051

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Daisyfield Blenders Grey by Tilda TIL110052

$12.98 $13.39

Chic Escape Daisyfield Blenders Cream by Tilda TIL110053

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Daisyfield Blenders Taupe by Tilda TIL110054

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Daisyfield Blenders Pink by Tilda TIL110055

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Daisyfield Blenders Ginger by Tilda TIL110056

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Daisyfield Blenders Plum by Tilda TIL110057

$12.98 $13.99

Chic Escape Dressing Gown Free Download Quilt Pattern by Tilda


Chic Escape Cocktail Quilt Free Download Pattern by Tilda


Chic Escape Cocktail Quilt Blue/Mustard Free Download Pattern by Tilda


Chic Escape Flea Market Dove White Free Download Quilt Pattern by Tilda


Chic Escape Flea Market Aubergine Quilt Free Download Pattern by Tilda