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Old Rose by Tilda

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The new Old Rose collection will give any project a quintessential vintage Tilda charm. Using elements from two of the most popular fabrics through Tilda’s 20 year history as an inspiration, we have made an array of vintage rose patterns you can combine and chose from.

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Old Rose Lydia Jacquard Ribbon 30mm Blue by Tilda TIL400031


Quilts from Tilda's Studio Q07441

$22.99 $24.99

Old Rose Eliza Buttons 15mm by Tilda TIL400029


Old Rose Birdsong Dove White by Tilda TIL100205


Old Rose Mary Teal by Tilda TIL100207


Old Rose Birdsong Teal Green by Tilda TIL100208

$11.49 $13.30

Old Rose Birdsong Blue by Tilda TIL100215

$11.49 $13.30

Old Rose Birdsong Mauve Lilac by Tilda TIL100216


Old Rose Sophie Blue by Tilda TIL110006

$11.99 $13.30

Old Rose Sophie Lilac by Tilda TIL110007

$11.49 $13.30