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Ombre Confetti Metallic by V & Co for Moda

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If you already love V&Co.’s Ombré fabrics and our patterns, we think you’re going to go crazy for our Ombré Confetti with Metallic Dots! It’s the same twenty colors of ombré that you know and love, but it’s been dressed up for a party with gold metallic confetti dots! And they’re Ombré too! What’s even better is that you can use these fabrics with any of our existing Ombré patterns. Have some fun by using them with other quilt patterns, and even mix them with our regular Ombrés.

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Ombre Carnival by V & Co VC-1262

$5.99 $10.00

Ombre Picnic by V & Co. VC-1265

$5.99 $10.00

Ombre Star Gazer Quilt Pattern by V & Co VC-1276

$9.00 $12.00

Ombre Stars by Cozy Quilt Designs CQD01230

$6.00 $11.00

Preppy Quilt by V & Co VC-1258

$5.99 $10.00

Ombre Confetti Metallic Magenta by V & Co for Moda 10807-201M

$10.30 $12.99

Ombre Confetti Metallic Taupe by V & Co for Moda 10807-204M

$10.30 $12.49

Ombre Confetti Metallic Persimmon by V & Co for Moda 10807-216M

$10.30 $12.49