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Eufloria Flow Fuchsia by Laura Muir for Moda 8433-21

Eufloria Flow Fuchsia by Laura Muir for Moda 8433-21. 44 inch wide. 100% Cotton.

Eufloria is a celebration of life, new growth, and the little things that bring us joy. With so much happy color, I hope
these euphoric flowers feel riotous and free, and that they bring a smile to your face, and a desire to seize the day.
There are two panels for Eufloria. Inspired by a rug, I painted Superbloom with some of my favorite flowers,
arranged in a wild, joyful arrangement. This packaged panel will make a spectacular whole-cloth quilt. A yardage
based panel has four designs that can be used in a quilt, though pillows and bags are what comes to mind for me.